choosing the perfect photo for portrait paintings

The best photo to use for this style of portrait paintings is one which is clear and well lit. Please either send me digital files of your photos, or take photos of the photos with your phone in daylight without shadows.

For best results with this painting style, I recommend choosing a photo where the subjects are about 1/2 body or 2/3rd body (not too far away or too close up), so that I can capture the facial expressions properly.

Posed photos are great, but daily snapshots also make really great paintings as well because that's when the true emotions and body language are most genuine and heart touching.

Please note that I do not make up or change outfits or hairstyles of the subjects you want me to paint, and do not normally combine several photos together into one portrait.

If you have trouble choosing the best photo, you can always email a few photos to choose from!