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You’ve all heard it before. Your wedding invitation is the first thing that your guests will see of your wedding. It sets the tone and mood and gets your guests excited about your upcoming wedding. You most likely spend 1 year (or more) planning this big day, the invitation should not be a last minute thought! Not only is it the first thing your guests will see of your wedding, it might be one of the few keepsakes you and your guests will have for years to come. Choosing from books and books of ready made invite templates can be overwhelming and time consuming; plus it’s hard to find one that fits exactly what you are looking for. Phrases like, “I like this, but if only I could change this and this…and maybe add this” probably pop up as you flip through pages of the ready-made designs.

Custom design really allows both of you to include your personalities into the invitation suite, so that it can be truly memorable and distinctly you. The biggest compliment I can get is when your guests receive their invites and exclaim, “This is soooo you guys!” Want to include your quirky sense of humour but still have the invites pretty and timeless at the same time? No problem! Want to include a hand drawn illustration of a family heirloom? No problem! Or how about matching a specific coral pink to your bridesmaids’ dresses? With custom invitations, we can work together to get the invites of your dreams while working within your budget.

By going custom, I can provide you with the rare and treasured advantages of working with a designer. I fully listen to your desires, needs and budget. My main goal is to amaze and impress your guests, setting the tone for the wedding day, while capturing and reflecting the individual spirit of you as a couple.